Pictures By Lauretta Greene, my wonderful grandmother

Being Raised by a Builder

My grandfather constructed an all-aluminum aircraft in the basement of the house I was raised in. He was a farmer by trade, a pilot and engineer in his heart, and a maker with passion long before it was a movement driven by social media advertising. He had designed the addition to the house we lived in around the dimensions of the plane he planned to build in the basement — laying a doorway in the blocks so he could easily remove a section of wall later to carry out the fuselage and wing. …

Heisenberg Matrix Development is our ‘Full Name’, but friends call us HMD Labs.

Werner Heisenberg is credited with the creation of quantum mechanics, the place in physics and understanding where things get… blurry. Specifically he notes that it’s difficult to pin down combinations of variables. A common simplification being “the more specifically you know where something is, the less you can know about how fast it’s going, or in what direction.” The inverse holds true.

This duality embodies our mission with our customers: we seek to measure positive delta in speed over precise positioning. We understand the flow before capturing…

Brian Greene

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